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About Us

Our Mission

National IT Force understands your needs and offers a variety of support services to solve them. What separates National IT Force from other support companies is our emphasis on staying on the cutting-edge in what is a rapidly evolving industry.  Our nationwide network of field service technicians have the ability to provide on site services throughout the United States. Each client is assigned a service advisor who acts as a single point of contact and works with the client to ensure their needs are being met. All of this translates into reduced downtime and improved efficiency for your business.

Company Description

National IT Force makes service simple. We provide simple management of your remote projects through our Project Managers and Technical Account Managers by forming detailed projects and providing access to our trusted national network of on-site service providers connecting your demand for service with local supply of technicians through an online system — easily, efficiently and profitably.

With thousands of completed service orders, our system is proven at helping service companies increase profits, gain competitive advantage and contain service costs.

National IT Force gives you access to highly qualified service professionals who work in a number of technology categories, including computers, printers, networking, VoIP, point of sale and consumer electronics nationwide. They conduct break-fix, repair, training, parts swap and install services throughout the United States.


What Makes National IT Force Different?

Companies that provide technicians with work orders through an online system come in many varieties and flavors. National IT Force finds itself in good company and brings a new, simple format that is refreshing for clients and service technicians.

Client Interaction: National IT Force does not charge its clients a fee for work orders that are sent to our technicians. The National IT Force Technical Account Manager adds a layer of quality assurance for our clients by ensuring that paperwork is correctly submitted in a timely fashion and helping service technicians to best interact with end users. The Technical Account Manager does this with the Project Manager by forming a detailed project and leveraging the needs of that project against the service providers on our system. Clients are billed solely based on the support contract that is negotiated with National IT Force for servicing remote sites. No additional charges are ever incurred by the client.

Service Provider Interaction: National IT Force provides a simple interface for service providers to interact with tasks assigned to them from a Technical Account Manager. The National IT Force Technical Account Manager serves the service technician by ensuring that they understand the scope of work, required time on-site, and any other information that the service technician requires. National IT Force never charges a fee to service providers before nor after a service task has been completed. The money earned by the service technician is paid out by direct deposit based on the service contract negotiated between National IT Force and the service technician.


Service Categories

National IT Force offers rollout, installations, repairs, training and other on-site support services in a wide range of categories, including:

Consumer Electronics

  • Audio
  • Home Theater
  • Network / Server
  • Projector
  • Security
  • Telephone / Intercom
  • TV / Video
  • Wiring & Cabling
  • And More

Information Technology

  • Network
  • PC Desktop
  • PC Laptop
  • Peripheral
  • Point of Sale
  • Printer
  • Server
  • Software
  • VoIP / Telephony
  • Wiring & Cabling
  • And More

Key Facts

First Work Order: February 9, 2002
Ownership: Privately held
Location: Charlotte, NC


Contact Us

National IT Force
10612 Providence Road #351
Charlotte, NC 28277
Toll-Free: 1.888-391-6445
Main: 704-225-3917

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